Case Studies

Below are two examples of our work, for BPP, a leading educational establishment in London, and UKTi, a government department.


BPP Speak Easy Workshop

SPEAK EASY – Advocate Student communication courses. Successful communication for the courtroom through theatre related skills / Understanding western communicative needs (where English is used as a second language (ESL)

The Speech Geeks’ workshops for BPP University have been running for 4 years. Below are some examples of the work completed. We have, year on year, seen an increased sign-up to the courses and the scheme has been rolled out to Manchester and Leeds. We have a 100% positivity rating.

“We are delighted that BPP students use the Speech Geeks. We see nothing but positive results: improved vocal performance and greater confidence…”James WelshJoint director of BPTC Programmes, BPP Law School

SPEAK EASY – Dispels the fear of performance/ being ‘on show’/ presentation, utilizing artistic engagement and visualization. The content of the courses included:

  • Vocal direction and development
  • Body language
  • Acceleration of physical and vocal confidence
  • Tonal quality
  • Influencing your receiver/opponent
  • Freeing voice and mind
  • Setting realistic goals to achieve better communication

You will gain an individual knowledge of appropriate pace, depth and breadth of expression and enhanced knowledge of social & cultural preferences when communicating.

UKTi BE SPOKE Workshop

BE SPOKE – Tailor-made, individual coaching sessions specific to your needs.

BE SPOKE fulfills your potential, paying particular attention to your individual needs. By eradicating personal fears and introducing valuable communication tools – we help you to build a rapport with your audience. We will show you how to use your voice and structure your presentations so the audience remains engaged.

Make a strong first impression,know your audience, good and bad habits, define your purpose in a key speech and learn to close effectively – all these possibilities and more! These support sessions can extend to mentoring, leading up to or on the day of a particular event or occasion.

A Speech Geek workshop with the government body UKTi (2014). The following agenda sets out Day 1 of a 2 day course. This successful training programme received 98% positive feedback and the participants received a highlights film at the end of the process.

DAY 1: communication & presentation workshop

The content of the courses included:

  • Warm up/ Ice breakers. Walking the talk! Exercises exampling the basics of all communication. Non verbal/ verbal [transmitter- receiver]. Utilising game theory.
  • Models of Communication. Recognised theory; breaking down the process of communication. Presentation. Trainer led/ best practice.
  • Vocal. The voice IS the tool of communication. Working with actor and vocal coach from The Speech Geeks- we learn the physiology and efficacy of the voice, breath control, consonant and vowel techniques, pitch and projection.
  • Walking the Talk #2. Communication time-stressed, awareness of the ‘shared experience’.
  • Demonstration and practical workshop on power point/digital presentation tools and current use in corporate events/ experiential companies.
  • Forum: role play. How NOT to play it! Quick Demo then groups devise a presentation scenario with pitfalls. Drawing from the mornings work- participants have to forum change by adjusting players techniques with suggestions and guidance to a better outcome.
  • One 2 One- Real Scenarios. An opportunity for individual participants to practice an upcoming presentation/ re-live a previous unsuccessful or problematic scenario; honing skills and achieving an improved outcome. With trainer/ peer led constructive feedback.
  • Q&A session

Film makers captured the day’s events.